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Poor diet choices and lack of proper supplementation increase disease risk potential.

5 Essential Supplement Recommendations:


  • Evidence is beginning to emerge to suggest that anyone over the age of 50 should seriously consider taking a multivitamin/mineral. It is now stated in no uncertain terms that, “inadequate micronutrient intake among older adults is common despite the increased prevalence of fortified/enriched foods in the American diet.”

  • A multi could be considered “dietary insurance”; since most individuals just do not get all of the required essential nutrients they need from their diet.


  • Vitamin D plays a vital role in the human body. It has many functions, and a lack of Vitamin D can lead to many health problems. Vitamin D helps with bone growth, immune system, absorption of calcium, and can protect against osteoporosis, high blood pressure and other diseases. The main function of Vitamin D is to maintain normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood to support bone mineralization (hardening of the bones), cell functions and proper nerve and muscle function.

  • Vitamin D is needed for normal growth. Without it, bones become weak and deformed.


  • Dynamic Greens – A delicious, gluten free, antioxidant – packed powdered drink mix, which includes super-fruits, whole food concentrates, dairy free probiotics, fiber and enzymes, and has the daily recommended servings of vegetables per scoop.

  • Dynamic Greens provides the antioxidants, which are “free-radical scavengers”. This can help counteract the effects of oxidation from stress, chemicals and toxins that we may encounter on a daily basis.


  • It is well recognized that omega 3 fatty acids are essential for normal growth and development. Omega 3′s play a vital role in all systems of the body and have been shown to help with: enhancing immune function, improve insulin sensitivity, decreasing inflammation, improve brain health, various heart diseases, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, ADHD and weight loss.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids have a well documented anti-inflammatory effect.

  • It has also become increasingly apparent that adequate intakes of omega 3 are required to prevent common diseases and that consuming diets rich in omega 6 at the expense of omega 3 may actually promote the development of disease.

  • Most of us consuming a modern day diet rich in grains, dairy, and processed foods ingest a 20:1 imbalance of omega 6 to omega 3, hence the need for fish oil (omega 3 supplementation)


  • Every day the good, natural flora (bacteria) in your body is killed off by stress, junk food, medications, chlorinated water and a toxic environment to name a few. Your body contains about 1 trillion bacteria–more than 10 times the number of cells you have in your entire body. It is clear that the type and quantity of micro-organisms in your gut interact with your body in ways that can either prevent or encourage the development of many diseases. Probiotics are essential for optimal digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, and they help your body produce vitamins, absorb mineral and aid in the elimination of toxins. Most people do not realize that 80 percent of your immune system is located in your digestive system, making a healthy gut a major focal point if you want to maintain optimal health.

  • Probiotics are dietary Supplements containing beneficial bacteria or yeasts. They are also called “friendly bacteria” or “good bacteria”.