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3d Spine Simulator

ChiroMatrix exclusive feature, the award winning 3D Spine Simulator educates users and is automatically integrated into your website. This revolutionary interactive chiropractic tool shows the connection between the vertebrae and organs. Using an animated 3-D design, the 3D Spine Simulator explains how subluxation of the spine affects the organs and nervous system of the body.

The 3D Spine Simulator modules include Nerve Charts, Body Postures, and Subluxation/Degeneration. The animated spine imitates the nervous system's connection to every function of the body, and contains three different spinal presentations within it:

The first module examines the organs and nerves. Clicking on the vertebrae of the spine, the interrelated organs and nerves light up. Clicking on the organ reveals a more detailed description of the organ with 3D rotation. When many organs highlight, the 3d body rotates for a better angle and view. At the bottom of the window, there are three boxes where you can see different tips for driving, sitting, sleeping, and standing. The standing will animate the 3D man and illustrate common postural problems and compare it to normal posture.

The Degeneration/Subluxation link will load up the presentation that illustrates how Subluxation occurs, and demonstrates the atrophic phases of degeneration.

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